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28 May 2011 @ 10:46 am

Dr. Kiriko is, in short, a hitman, specializing in ending the lives of those who no longer want to suffer. He's taken other hits before (like being hired to kill a ship's crew who has learned a secret) though he will never go out of his way to kill anyone who doesn't deserve it (he helps set them free).

Though he looks like he could be brittle, he is tough, and will kick your ass if you double-cross him. This is a six-foot-tall and still well built ex-soldier, he's not a frail old man, despite his bad health. That said, like any human, he is weak to bullets and illness and what have you. And he's not naturally violent unless you instigate first.

Though on Thor he's mostly put an end to those ways, he'll still strike up the odd bargain or two depending on the circumstance. Have any questions? Concerns? Comments? Character Issues? We can discuss them here.

Flirting That's fine!

Physical Affection Also fine!

Using Powers Against Him Please don't ever without discussing it with me first, unless it's something small or we've introduced it ICly first.

Injury Just fine. Probably doesn't even need to be discussed before.

Death I welcome any death plots to forward his characterization but please talk to me before killing him.

Sex Yuppp but probably not going to happen if your name isn't Polly.

Young Kiriko || Niteo Nix

Young Kiriko has the same notes as before, minus the hitman part - he'll discover that in time or when I canon update him to after the war. He's not a violent person by any means but will fight back if provoked. He's no slob, he's very fit and very ready to lay someone out, so be careful. His icons might make him look small and unimposing, but as I've said before, he's actually six feet tall and quite well built despite being thin.

Flirting Haha, sure, but Kiriko is a little oblivious and somewhat sexually confused at the moment and probably won't catch on.

Physical Affection Yeah that's just fine! He'll probably appreciate it. He likes to give/receive hugs when someone's down.

Using Powers Against Him Please don't ever without discussing it with me first. :(

Injury That's just fine, but a little bit of a heads up would be nice.

Death Yes, provided we discuss is before it happens.

Sex HAHAHAHAHAHAHA why would you ever?!?! (But sure, I suppose.)