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29 June 2010 @ 12:16 am
Dr. Kiriko - Application for Gargleblasted  

Name: World
Are you over 16?: Yes.
Personal LJ: Worldrescue
Email: world.rescue@hotmail.com
Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time
Other contact: MSN – the.second.advent@hotmail.com Deviantart – World-Without-You
Characters already in the game: I also apped as Little Guy/FBI Agent Navel.
How did you find us?: VGCG introduced me!


Character name: Kiriko [first name] George [last name], but only goes by “Dr. Kiriko.”
Fandom: Black Jack

Timeline: Immediately after Kiriko is cured of Gumma virus. (Going by the Black Jack 21 timeline, shortly after Dr. George’s pneumothorax operation.)
Age: 37
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: He's a back-alley surgeon with a subspecialty in toxicology, but he works mostly in brewing (and offering) poisons for euthanasia. As well, he’s skilled in operating machinery and weaponry because of his history as a soldier... and, oddly enough, plays the piano and composes music as a hobby.

How would they use their abilities?: Kiriko would offer his assistance to anyone who asked of him, be them good or evil, Vogon or human. However, his morals would keep him from using his abilities to kill innocent people who do not deserve death.

In terms of the SS Thor, Kiriko would primarily offer his abilities as a hired hitman. Secondarily, or as a everyday job, he could be useful as a Doctor or even as a hired musician. Finally, as he is familiar with machines and weapons from his experiences in war, he would also make a decent repairman.

Appearance: Kiriko has a gaunt and skeletal frame, and his appearance is ghoulish and immediately intimidating and frightening. Very tall (about six feet) and gangly, Kiriko appears many years older than he actually is because of his tired and sickly body. His cheeks and eyesockets are caved in, his nose is beakish and crooked, and he has the appearance of a man who has been starved almost to death. He is severely underweight. He has long, unkempt, scraggly and thick platinum-blonde hair that extends down to his back; and his bangs drape in front of his face sloppily. And yet he dresses in fancy, elegant dress suits that are almost victorian and never without regal style. He is also never seen without his black eye patch hung over his left eye.

For clarification, a picture: http://www.tezukaenfrancais.com/TIE/rescued/31-01.jpg

Background/Personality: Filled to the brim with tldr, but literally EVERYTHING that happens to Kiriko in canon is relevant to his personality.

Also, although Kiriko is indeed a side character who only appears in about 5% of the manga (and - hold your breath - two whole episodes of the anime out of upwards of 70), since "Black Jack" is an Osamu Tezuka work Kiriko's personality is very philosophically defined. Therefore, I will go into complete detail about what the author says about his character.

Born and raised in Banff, Alberta; Canada [actually] to a Canadian father and a Japanese mother, Kiriko had a peaceful and affluent upbringing. Raised to become a heir to his father ‘s legacy - as his Dad, Dr. Edward Theodore George, was the discoverer of the serum of Eternal Life and therefore a famous and well respected Doctor worldwide - Kiriko was an intelligent youth with many talents. He was skilled in music composition and piano, as well as machinery and engineering. His baby sister Yuri was born when he was about ten to thirteen, and was raised by the tightly-knit love of her entire family. But when Kiriko grew into his twenties, he and his father moved permanently to New York City to pursue their research, where Kiriko eventually enlisted into the military and served as a Doctor. It was there that Kiriko’s gentle, affectionate personality was forever changed: during battle, Kiriko’s left eye was gouged out by an enemy when he was treating patients in the front lines, and he suffered permanent physical and mental scars. Having been treated in less-than-sterile conditions, Kiriko underwent extreme torment after his emergency amputation, and developed a new and frightening understanding about his work as a Doctor. He realized that his calling was NOT to heal patients of their ailment – but only to end their pain completely. Upon his recovery, Kiriko then mercy killed his entire unit who had been treating using painless euthanasia (both out of madness and also because he had too begged to die and knew how agonizing it was to be denied death). He turned from a kind and privileged child to a cold and stoic killer. Upon his return home, he was excommunicated from the George family, and ever since then has been forced to wander the earth alone, without a home, acting as a hitman. He calls himself “The Living Reaper,” and provides painless and dignifying deaths to people who have been denied their right to die... for the proper fee, of course.

Because of what little identity he has remaining, Kiriko easily eludes authority with his fake ID and has been on the run for about twenty years. While he is occasionally arrested or detained, no one is able to make charges against him stick, and he is always set free. Because of this, his one and only enemy is the titular Dr. Black Jack, a back-alley surgeon who is bent on bringing down Kiriko’s euthanasia. Kiriko and Black Jack have known each other for a very long time, allegedly ever since Kiriko was discharged from the war. Since their relationship has gone on for so long, their connection is very complex and hard to define. When working, they are bitter and cruel enemies who would fight to the death to prove the other wrong... but outside of the operating room, they act as close friends, sharing occasional friendly banter and supporting each other during difficult situations (such as working together in harmony to save a dying single mother). This especially brings light to Kiriko’s duality, and shows us just how much he constantly struggles between his work and his personal life. While he may care deeply for Black Jack, his heart does not stop him from fighting tirelessly against him to bring him down forever.

Kiriko’s present personality is very much defined by the broken relationships he continues to have with his family members. His mother has been dead for quite some time, likely due to illness. His family never speaks about her – most likely, her death was a taboo subject. It’s implied that Kiriko indeed killed his mother when she grew ill based on Yuri’s reaction to Kiriko approaching their sick father (she violently grabs onto Kiriko’s labels and starts begging and screaming at him, “No! No! Don’t kill Dad!”). This foreshadows that Kiriko no longer has any guilt over who he kills, and would do so indiscriminately. As well, Kiriko’s father Dr. George becomes ill, and suffers from medial pneumothorax (a painful lung disorder where the ability to breathe is heavily impeded because of a puncture in the lung, and the air pressure also damages the heart) for five years without hope of being cured. Though Kiriko initially tries with all of his strength to heal his Dad, he is unable to. After five years worth of operations, he tries to use euthanasia on his Dad against Yuri’s will. Black Jack seizes Dr. George from Kiriko, and tries to heal him, much to Kiriko’s annoyance. During the procedure, Kiriko grows tired of watching the Doctor experiment on his father, and injects deadly toxin into his father’s bloodstream without anyone else knowing. As soon as he does so, Black Jack announces he has found the cure, but it is too late. The poison takes ahold and Kiriko’s father dies on the table in vain. Kiriko is wracked with guilt, Yuri discovers what he has done, and the division between he, his sister, and Dr. Black Jack grows ever wider. He has ruined the relationship between the only people he has ever truly loved, which only solidifies his reclusiveness.

A month after mourning, Kiriko moves on from his father’s death and returns to euthanasia. He travels to Brazil, where he has been commissioned to kill a rich Rubber Farm entrepreneur who has been infected with a local incurable and deadly jungle parasite. During treatment, Kiriko accidentally exposes himself to the virus, and is infected as well. Faced with an absolutely humiliating prognosis – where he must endure dysentery, his abdomen swelling to four times its size so the parasite can be housed (think pregnancy), and painful hemorrhagic syphillic sores across his entire body – he plants dynamite under his bed during the final stages and attempts to commit suicide by blowing himself up in his sleep. Unfortunately for him, Yuri walks in on him and calls Dr. Black Jack, forcing Kiriko to take drastic measures. He picks up a few sticks of dynamite and holds them above his head, telling his sister that if she is not gone in three minutes, he will not only detonate the bomb on himself while he is conscious, but will murder her in the explosion as well. Through this, we have a chance to see how devoted he is to his trade, as he is willing to die to prove his devotion to the practice of euthanasia, and even kill his own innocent little sister to do so. Finally, Kiriko collapses from the pain of the parasite attacking his body, and Black Jack takes this opportunity to operate on him and remove the parasite. As soon as he wakes, Yuri rushes to his side. Though one would assume he would be grateful for her hand in saving his life, Kiriko still spurns her affection, and the two of them return to fighting the second he is pronounced cured. Indeed, Kiriko will probably never have a stable and happy relationship, even with his own family.

But even though Kiriko dabbles in a bloody art, he is not a wicked or sinister person. On the contrary, he is still the kind-hearted and compassionate man he once was on the inside, and never would miss the opportunity to help someone in need if they still have a chance to be saved. For example, in one episode of the OVA series, a run-away actress drives her car off of a cliff and nearly dies; and on top of injuries from the accident, is left with little time to live because of a degenerative disease. Kiriko is the one who discovers her unconscious body and, instead of immediately killing her like one would assume, he nurses her back to health and watches over her as she recuperates. While she begs for death and pleads for Kiriko to euthanize her painlessly, he instead encourages her by giving her flowers, and races to find the cure to her illness. Eventually he succeeds, and the woman is able to move on with her life. In another incident, Kiriko is hired under the front that the United States Military wants him to cure 21 human test subjects of biohazard weaponry, when indeed he was hired to kill every single one of them and dispose of their bodies. Instead of doing this, he takes pity on the test subjects and hatches a plan to let the patients escape, and instead murders the Military men who gave him the order as retribution. Finally, when Black Jack is cornered by a gunman, Kiriko sacrifices himself to save Black Jack’s life. Jumping in front of the shot to save his enemy, Kiriko is shot through the stomach and is brought to the brink of death. To save his life, Black Jack has no choice but to operate in filthy conditions and remove the bullet from the inside of Kiriko’s intestines without anesthetics – while Kiriko is fully conscious and they are stranded on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, no less. Though he is put through an incredible amount of pain (read, screaming and struggling the entire time), and is forced to recover from his surgery without medicine, he doesn’t once regret saving Black Jack’s life and he and Dr. Black Jack grow closer.

Outwardly, especially to his patients, Kiriko George acts like a perfect gentlemen. He dresses in welcome, expensive, regal clothes, and speaks eloquently and tactfully. He has a kind, gentle, empathetic (albeit creepy) beside manner, and connects immediately with them because of his deep understanding of their pain. However, because of his choice to work in the field of murder, he is unable to form true relationships with anyone. When he comes too close to someone he cares about, he acts aggressive, cold and stoic towards them so that he won't be hurt emotionally like he was in the war. He is also subject to occasional outbursts when something bothers him tremendously, and when he forms an opinion, he becomes fixated and nothing anyone says will change his mind.

While he acts calm and collected towards his work in murder, and is able to practice his work without hesitation, internally he is actually very zealous and wholeheartedly obsessed with the concept of mercy killing. In fact, if ever a medical emergency becomes too difficult for him to handle, he turns quickly to murder instead of seeking out other help. While as a whole he is a well-mannered man with good principals and a kind heart, his methods to prove himself are so rash and obscene that he could be considered slightly psychotic.

And that was literally everything canon has to say about Dr. Kiriko.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yes, I have. You can earn money by doing jobs for other characters, or by stealing or bumming off of someone. The plugin (the Guide) is called Flaming Ferret.
1st person sample:
[Video feed. A gaunt, sour-looking gentleman is bent over the Guide, his hollow face blank. Then, he sighs. He speaks slowly and carefully at the screen.]

Hello. I don't know how many of you out there survived, but I...

[He pauses for a moment, his clear blue eyes filled with reminiscence.]

I'm one of the few survivors of the pandemic Gumma. I'm a Doctor. Call me "Kiriko." Perhaps you've heard of me. They call me the Angel of Death...

[He relaxes and tilts his head to one side, putting a thoughtful finger to his lips; a finger thin as bone.]

Should you require my... services, kindly leave me a message with your name, your target, and how much you are willing to pay. And please, don't be stingy.

[A beat.]

One more thing. Don’t worry about finding me.

[His eyes narrow maliciously. His thin lips curl into a wicked smile.]

I’ll find you.

[He reaches his white slender hand towards the screen of the guide. The feed clicks off.]
3rd person sample:

Six billion people infesting the earth. And it only took thirty-two days to bring each one of them to their knees.

Each one of them - but one, it seemed. Weary and worn, Dr. Kiriko sat in contemplation on the edge of his new bed.

He had been powerless to stop the affliction from silencing mankind for good, though he had tried. Had the doctors heeded his personal warning and killed the men in quarantine, the parasite would not have spread, and none of this would have happened.

And did the doctors listen? Of course not. And the cost of their disobedience had been the entire world.

Having previously harboured a cured strain of the virus, Dr. Kiriko had been completely immune. Helpless to stop it, he felt as though he were Appolyon, the destroyer, sent down from Heaven to watch the agony of mankind.

Now he was the last one alive. No more Black Jack. No more Yuri. All opposition he had once come across? They were all dead with the rest of the planet. Or so he believed.

Somehow enraptured by the thought, he chuckled nervously to himself. "What now, Doctor...?"

Now, he worked without interference. There was still a galaxy to tend to. The time to mourn the loss of one planet was over.

But first... first, his first good night's sleep in decades. Resolved, the ragged hitman placed his towel gently and carefully over his face and laid down on the cot. Eventually, he closed his eye and slept; peacefully, and without worry.

Questions?: Is Kiriko allowed to advertise his work as a hitman, as long as I clear it with EVERYONE involved? And if not, can he still advertise as such even if he never actually *kills* anyone?

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yes I did. :)