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09 July 2011 @ 08:00 pm
Headcanon & Game Information for MOSTLY HARMLESS  



Current Residence: The Deckswabbers Floor of Thor (Room 3-14), Also staying in Polly's Suite (Room 8-3)

Important Belongings on the SS Thor:
- His new and improved Death Machine, one capable of torture as well as painless death. He engineered it after his first model was destroyed by Kamui. Destroyed in order to get back with Polly.
- An angel statue received from an anonymous sender for Christmas.
- A seashell ornament he received from Polly the night he fell in love with her.
- A black and white photograph of him and his unit from his younger days.
- A very expensive and high-quality violin he received as a Christmas gift from his love. The quality is that of a Stradivarius.
- A collection of unique poisons, taken from the plants grown by the Deku Princess.
- A string of emerald prayer beads stolen from the body of Genkaku after his capture and torture by Kiriko.
- A fine suit purchased for him by his best friend, Maraich.
- One object he DOES NOT OWN that is important to note are his dogtags that formerly never left his neck. He gave them away in March, leaving them at Polly's bedside the night he hurt her. It was his way of letting her know how much she meant to him.

-Currently he owns two Deku Babas (which he insists are nameless, but he secretly calls them "Jack and Jack" because they annoy the shit out of him and are attention whores) that he took from the Deku Princess' room. When Kiriko expressed an interest in her plants, the Deku Princess told him he could sample any of the plants he liked in her room (because Kiriko wrote her a song, and this was her thanks). Kiriko snuck out with a few sap samples... And two clippings of the Deku Baba weeds that had sprouted up. He treats them like pets despite their violent nature and has grown fond of them.

-Another pet named Jack: his Cat. He's a black-and-white deformed cat (hence the name) that followed him home. Has ruined his life overall.

-Alice (the rabbit-turned-vixen) and Harold (a giant tarantula) are two of Polly's pets that he also cares about. They aren't his, but Alice has popped up in his room from time to time to find him for various reasons and he enjoys her company. Harold scares the hell out of him but he feeds him when Polly is away. While crying and screaming.

INTENSE HEADCANON ACTION (that I occasionally reference in-game)

Family & Early Life

Oh hell. Here we go.

>> I like to keep where Kiriko was born as ambiguous as possible. It's clear in the manga that Kiriko lives in Japan (or at least prefers to stay there as much as possible as he travels) despite the visual clues that he has some foreign blood. I explain this with my version of canon that Kiriko identifies most as Japanese. If you ask him, he will call himself "Japanese." Therefore, he calls Japan home. However, I think having him be born in Japan is unreasonable given the canon I am following. Explained below.

>> ...Ugh, okay. I don't like admitting to the specifics of this but if I had to explain his birthplace... here we go. Honestly, since I'm following the Black Jack 21 backstory of him being Japanese-Canadian, I like to think he was born in Canada. Stay with me for a second okay. In the timeline I am using, he was born in 1941-2ish, making him approximately 37ish years old by the time Black Jack takes place. This also places his birth during World War II, which goes well with the war motif that follows him around. The reason for this placement is because if his mother was a Japanese immigrant, this easily explains his Japanese-Canadian heritage with no suspension of disbelief necessary. I think a (traveling) Canadian Doctor visiting Japan in the middle of the second World War is extremely unreasonable. I also like to think he was born in a Japanese community after the Japanese were segregated (...interned), which would mean he was raised Japanese and would also help to explain his devotion to Japanese society despite looking... well, white. Once in game I made his birthplace officially Kaslo, if you need an exact location.

>> Now that that's over. Parents. Kiriko's father Edward is well established in canon so there's no real reason to talk about him here (it's also an established canon fact he did live in Canada as Kiriko was growing up so eat it). But everything about Kiriko's mother is made up entirely by me so that will require some explanation. Her name was Sayuri (chosen for no other reason other than I like it), and she was 22 years old when she gave birth to him, making her a bit more than ten years younger than his father. She was a very talented and well-regarded dancer and musician in her community, known for her gentle nature and beauty. She met Edward as a patient of his after he witnessed her injuring herself in an accident and no one else was around to help her, and the two of them became friends. Edward was a very accepting man given his travels and didn't treat Sayuri with the discrimination and cruelty that other... whites did (I'm not very politically correct I am sorry /)_(\). Sayuri was also very charming and curious and willing to learn, which brought the two of them together easily. This lead to that and they had a bit of a fling. But things were never serious and before anything could come of it, Sayuri was interned at Kaslo and they didn't see eachother again for many years.

>> Soon after that Sayuri bore Edward's son, and was seen as an outsider in her community for it. Obviously there was a marked sentiment against Canadians at that time. However, Sayuri didn't let this come between her and her son. She was very kind to him and acted like there were no differences between him and the other children, and spent the years they were outcast teaching him about her culture and language, as well as her art, which is where Kiriko inherited his musical gift and love for their culture. She was a very good mother, but when she wasn't around Kiriko was very much picked on by the other children and adults. Without anyone else to defend her from her accusations, he grew very protective of his Mom and also sprouted his trademark defensive attitude from this.

>> Kiriko didn't meet his father until he was about five years old (or even hear anything about him). After the war was over, Edward began traveling again and eventually ran into Sayuri, completely by chance. He was surprised she had gone from a famous and well-regarded musician to a reclusive shut-in over the course of six years. Of course, this was when he first met his son, and understood. He was shocked to learn he had a child, as he had come to believe he'd never marry and have children since he was too old. But he accepted Sayuri and Kiriko immediately, and made the offer to Sayuri that if she wanted to come live with him and live a better life, she was welcome to. She didn't want to leave her people, but having nowhere else to go eventually accepted and married Dr. George.

>> This brings us to the beginning of Black Jack 21. Edward, Kiriko and Sayuri lived in Banff, where Edward worked as a country physician. Of course, he had interests that far exceeded the work of just a general practitioner, and did a lot of personal scientific study in his home. It didn't take long for Kiriko (who was now about seven or eight) to take a shine to his father and follow him around constantly. Dr. George used this opportunity to educate (read: corrupt) his son in the basics of science, and Kiriko became enraptured with science and medicine, just as Edward wanted (and much to his mother's dismay, who wanted him to become a musician). When Kiriko was about ten years old, Edward made the discovery that would spark the entire plot of the series. He came across a cave where a meteorite from deep space had landed, and discovered the deadly virus the Blood of Phoenix.

Are you still here? Holy shit. I applaud you.

>> With his new groundbreaking discovery, Edward spent a lot of time away from home, in his own personal research laboratory up north (Bj21 episode 12 and 17, bitches). Unhappy she had been left alone, Sayuri became a bit stressed out, locked away in their country cabin, and kept demanding Edward to come down and spent more time with her. At first Edward was a bit frustrated he now had this odd concept known as a "family" to take care of instead of being able to run away whenever he wanted, but through Sayuri's demands he eventually learned to balance the two and become a good father. This increase in, um, family bonding was eventually what lead to Yuri's birth one year later.

>> Yuri was the darling of the family. Both Edward and Sayuri absolutely adored her. She was their little angel. She could do no wrong. And she drove Kiriko absolutely up the fucking wall. Where Kiriko was expected to work hard at his schoolwork (he was homeschooled and forced to study all the damn time) and get a good job and become his father's successor, the family demanded nothing of Yuri. She was the little precious girl they could spoil rotten and cuddle and love. Kiriko really resented that (but not so much at first, I'll expand upon this later). At the same time, however, he couldn't help but love her. Yuri looked up to him so much and he was often stuck taking care of her. This lead to a fondness of her he just couldn't shake.

>> Overall, Kiriko loved his family. He adored his father, who he wanted to grow up to be just like. His mother was sweet and young and not as bogged down as Edward was, and so she spent a lot of time with her children. Yuri was annoying but undeniably precious. Kiriko grew up surrounded by the deep love of each one of them, which makes their later destruction that much more tragic.

...I think I'm finally done with this section. THANK JESUS H CHRIST I am never typing that bullshit out ever, ever again.

The War & Falling Apart

>> A few years later Edward began pimping out the Blood of Phoenix and sold his soul to Zen Mantoku, who provided the money and took over most of Edward's work. They deemed studying the Blood of Phoenix the "Noir Project." This is all canon fact so if you want to know more on this look it up or watch the damn show. But the reason I say this is because eventually Kiriko (and probably Sayuri and Yuri too) had to move to the United States to keep up with the fame, as New York was where the Noir Project headquarters was. So there.

This would also be how Kiriko ended up enlisting in the war that destroyed his life.

>> By the time Edward became immortal, Kiriko was a bright young man, in his mid to late teens. Being the son of the man who invented fucking Immortality, he had a lot of expectation surrounding him. This put a lot of pressure on him. Kiriko had to spend a lot of time studying in the hospital. If you want this to mean that he was already in a science undergraduate or med school, sure, what the fuck why not. He was a child genius so anything is possible. I like to think he finished up his high schooling by the time he was 15 so I don't know what he managed to accomplish in the 3 years after that.

>> The reason why Kiriko had to go fight in a war on the American's side is when you are an 18 year old boy trailing your extremely famous father around and riding on the coattails of his fame, you are going to get noticed. You (or his father, as I like to think) are going to get questioned why you are not going off to fight in the country you are staying in's war when all the other boys of all the other less-famous Doctors with sons have sent off their boys or have been conscripted. Because of this intense pressure to fight, Kiriko was eventually forced into it.

>> Before this, however, Kiriko finally realized women exist. Sort of. There were just some cute girls that paid attention to him but nothing serious and he wasn't really into "dating." But I think it was in New York he finally shrugged off his awkward nerdiness and got laid. Nothing specific surrounding this, just that the anxiety and the pressure of leaving to go to war made him seek out some ladyfriend and start an awkward and crappy 4-day relationship. And so was Kiriko's introduction to romance and sex. And then he went to war and forgot all about her. Aha.

This is also sad, because according to Yuri's mun's headcanon over at canadian_lily, Yuri was into boys and dating a sex by like mid-teenager age or something like that. Wow Kiriko your sister beat you to it age-wise, you are a nerd.

>> Cementing his inability to form proper relationships, Kiriko's friendships during the war were fleeting and hard on him. Where up until that point he had made only very solid and permanent relationships, he was brought to a place where he could lose anyone in the blink of an eye. This was his first real lesson in life that, when he is a Doctor, people can and will die because he can not do anything for them. Kiriko would get close to somebody, and they would die on the field because he couldn't save them. Kiriko would find someone he liked enough to open up to, and the next day he wouldn't be at the camp anymore because they'd been taken as a prisoner of war by the enemy. The one boy in particular he became very close to and very friendly with, he ended up inadvertently developing a small crush on, which confused the fuck out of him. He didn't even recognize it as a crush until they died in his arms during the ambush (below) and he wondered why the fuck it hurt him so much worse than all the others. (This boy also has a name and an identity because Agent Orange, even if I don't follow the exact situation laid out there. Fuck you I can do that, it's published fanon.) This messed up Kiriko's ability to love for the rest of his life, and he became very prickly and disdainful to the emotion in general.

>> Kiriko lost his eye in an ambush. His unit was surrounded and his best friend (the one above) was shot. Instead of being reasonable and falling back to help the others, Kiriko lost his mind and rushed to help just that person. Because of him not paying attention and generally being stupid about it, Kiriko spent too much time on this one soldier and became a very easy target. All an enemy soldier very close by had to do was withdraw his knife, and was about to easily slit his throat from behind and kill him, when another soldier called out to Kiriko and Kiriko happened to move just in time. In the struggle, the knife plunged through his eyesocket, tore the whole thing in half up to his eyebrow and ripped out half his left eye. Kiriko fell unconscious from the shock and was left for dead. When he awoke, numb from the pain because of the shock, the first thing Kiriko saw was nearly all of his friends had been massacred. The second thing he saw was that half of his unit was still alive - screaming out to be killed, begging for mercy.

And this time he gave it to them. Then, running only on the adrenaline of the fight, made his way back, eye hanging out of his face and all, far enough to be noticed by another US soldier and transported was to base for treatment.

>> Kiriko's eye injury became infected and Kiriko became septic from his injuries. With little to kill the pain in their limited environment and a 110 degree fever from the infection, it was absolute torture. He was brought to the brink of death from his condition, suffering the entire time. As well, the guilt of being unable to save (and to have personally ended the lives of) his unit made him suicidal. He was eventually bound, for he became a danger to himself. He wasn't getting better. When suicide failed, he begged the attending Doctors and nurses for death, absolutely begged for it constantly, but instead was sedated and ignored. Eventually his eye was amputated, the infection was treated, and his condition stabilized. It was a long healing process, but he got better. And the second he was well enough to fight, he was unbound, released, and sent back into the fray.

But he was not the same.

>> He was now a complete wreck and useless as a soldier. When he was brought to a makeshift hospital to treat the wounded and dying, as soon as night fell, Kiriko killed them all (this is the scene you see in the manga a few times, the one he always refers to - where he believes himself a hero, taking away the pain of the men whose other Doctors would not kill them).

>> After this he was given a dishonourable discharge and sent home.

Other Pointless Things

>> It's already established in canon that his father and he had a falling out after Kiriko was sent home, but there's a bit more to this in headcanon. Kiriko became very resentful towards his father's work. He (and thousands of other young boys and men) had just fought and almost died in a fucking war and here his Dad was, auctioning off the serum of immortality to fat old men and rich bastards who could afford it, for millions and millions of dollars. Though Kiriko had once adored the work his father had done, now he was appauled. And this HERE, this moment HERE, is finally the birth of the character of Dr. Kiriko that we know.

>> Edward disowned Kiriko after Kiriko made a scene, and the world forgot about him, too. Kiriko George just became "Dr. Kiriko," as a sign of rebellion that he would never, ever become a Doctor like his father.

>> Kiriko also took his mother's life shortly after returning home from war. She was a sickly woman by nature (bad genes which Kiriko also inherited later in life, another reason why he is a sickly man) and was very upset that her husband became immortal. Despite Edward's pleading, she refused to administer the Serum of Immortality onto herself, and thus began to age. The couple silently knew that Sayuri would grow old and die without her husband. This drove a rift between the two of them, a rift that eventually broke Sayuri. She could not be the same woman for her family, and even began to neglect her daughter. She became very depressed and a generally miserable woman, and after falling ill one day and refusing to fight to live, summoned her son. No longer with a passion for life or love, she begged him to die, and Kiriko gladly accepted.

This is the reason I like to think Yuri and Edward are constantly mad at Kiriko. I think it just works. I don't wave this in front of my canonmate's faces (it could be that maybe Yuri doesn't even know), of course. It's a silent grudge.

>> Kiriko and Michelle. Hrr. Even though they only met for a short time and Michelle never learned his real name (he introduces himself as "Mozart"), he still had feelings for her. Not quite "love at first sight," but the sort of "I'd want to stay and be with you if I could" feeling. Of course, he knows being with her would be impossible. He saved her life even though she begged for death. She was searching for "Dr. Kiriko" and he hid his identity from her. Still, he uses her as a sort of fantasy - a future he could have had with a woman who might have loved him for a moment, too.

>> Kiriko and Black Jack. In my personal headcanon, I like to think they met right after the war. Kiriko needed his eye to be looked at at a real hospital, and he could have been in Japan with his father to follow up on the details of the Noir Project with Dr. Honma. This is how Kiriko ended up at the same place Black Jack and his mother were recovering. Kiriko took pity on the boy and (in my imagination) spent time with him. As it can be seen that Kuroh knows how to play the piano, I like to think Kiriko taught him. I also think that the day Kiriko left was the day Black Jack's mother died. This is no coincidence. I think he deemed she was suffering too greatly and injected her with poison quietly. This is what started the rivalry between the two men. I usually work this detail out with whatever Black Jack plays with me, and if they disagree sometimes I strike this from the headcanon. But it has worked well in the past.

And I swear to god that is everything I made up about Kiriko in order to play him properly. You can go home now.